Thursday, August 18, 2011

So what's this Blog all about??

I'll try and keep this entry short(ish) and to the point.  We'll start with a little bit about myself: I am a trained pastry chef who recently left my industry job.  But I still love to bake and cook.  While attending pastry school I did very little on the culinary side, so I consider myself a amateur cook.  Although I would like to go back and take some other cooking classes one day when I have time.  Originally my blog was going to be focused on baking, hence the title dough bakeshop.  Recently I have found myself focusing a little less on the sweet at home and more on the savory so I decided to retool the concept.  So that's where The Savory Kitchen comes in.  Instead of creating a new name I decided to merge the two concepts while still keeping their individuality, which I guess is evident in the crazy title image.  Maybe it can be a small look at how my crazy mind works. 

My goal for this blog is to post once a week.  It will usually feature something I made during the week, or may come from something I made in the past that I saved specifically for the purpose of this blog.  I am still a student (for the third time!) so my life can get a little hectic.  Even so, I love the idea of sharing what I do in the kitchen with other people because it's the best way to both learn and discover new things!  Plus, not getting to work in a commercial kitchen everyday I need an outlet for my kitchen creativity.  I hope you will join me in my newest endeavor.


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